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Европейский сейсмологический центр EMSC сообщил, что в центральной части Италии произошло землетрясение магнитудой 6,1. По данным Геологической службы США (USGS), сила толчков составила 6,2.


Elchin Khalilov has informed about the beginning of new project GNFE under the name "Geodynamic monitoring and hazard early warning system in landslide areas:"GeoDyn".

The new project is based on use of long-term experience effective application of international systems and geodynamical monitoring for forecasting of earthquakes. The project's mission is to create an effective technology for monitoring and early warning of people about the danger of a landslide, reducing thereby the risk to potential victims and other negative consequences of landslides affecting cities and high-risk industrial facilities (main highways and railways, dams, fuel storages and warehouses for toxic substances, petrochemical plants, etc.).


Prof. Elchin Khalilov is President of the Global Network for the Forecasting of Earthquakes GNFE (UK) and Chairman of GEOCHANGE International Committee (Germany), gave the forecast of seismic activity of the world till 2026 on behalf of the above-mentioned organizations.


Проф. Эльчин Халилов - Президент Глобальной Сети Прогнозирования Землетрясений GNFE (UK) и  Председатель Международного  Комитета  GEOCHANGE (Germany), представил  прогноз  сейсмической активности  мира до 2026 года от имени вышеуказанных организаций. 


4.1 magnitude earthquake rattles East Texas

An earthquake of moderate magnitude was detected in Shelby County early Friday morning, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Seismometers detected a 4.1 magnitude temblor around 1:01 a.m., about 2 miles west of Timpson.

The USGS reported the tremor's depth was measured about 4 kilometers below the surface of the Earth.

The Shelby County and Rusk County Sheriff's offices confirm no injuries or damage have been reported.

Viewers from Mount Enterprise, Center, and Garrison to Shreveport reported feeling the shaking. Sheila Hardey, of Mount Enterprise, said she felt the quake for at least 10 seconds.

Friday's tremor follows a weaker 2.8 magnitude earthquake reported in the same area in December. Seven quakes have been detected in the region since May 2012.

•May 10, 2012 - (3.9) NW of Timpson.
•May 17, 2012 - (4.8) ENE of Timpson.
•May 20, 2012 - (2.7) SSW of Timpson.
•May 26, 2012 - (2.5) SE of Timpson.
•June 16, 2012 - (2.1) SSW of Timpson.
•December 7, 2012 - (2.8) SW of Timpson.
•January 25, 2013 - (4.1) W of Timpson.

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