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Европейский сейсмологический центр EMSC сообщил, что в центральной части Италии произошло землетрясение магнитудой 6,1. По данным Геологической службы США (USGS), сила толчков составила 6,2.


Elchin Khalilov has informed about the beginning of new project GNFE under the name "Geodynamic monitoring and hazard early warning system in landslide areas:"GeoDyn".

The new project is based on use of long-term experience effective application of international systems and geodynamical monitoring for forecasting of earthquakes. The project's mission is to create an effective technology for monitoring and early warning of people about the danger of a landslide, reducing thereby the risk to potential victims and other negative consequences of landslides affecting cities and high-risk industrial facilities (main highways and railways, dams, fuel storages and warehouses for toxic substances, petrochemical plants, etc.).


Prof. Elchin Khalilov is President of the Global Network for the Forecasting of Earthquakes GNFE (UK) and Chairman of GEOCHANGE International Committee (Germany), gave the forecast of seismic activity of the world till 2026 on behalf of the above-mentioned organizations.


Проф. Эльчин Халилов - Президент Глобальной Сети Прогнозирования Землетрясений GNFE (UK) и  Председатель Международного  Комитета  GEOCHANGE (Germany), представил  прогноз  сейсмической активности  мира до 2026 года от имени вышеуказанных организаций. 


Flood warnings for Somerset as severe weather warning is issued

Flood warnings have been issued across Somerset this morning as the county is hit by more torrential rain.

The Environment Agency had more than 30 flood warnings and alerts in place at 7am this morning following overnight downpours and the forecast of futher showers today.

The forecast also forced the Met Office to issue a severe weather warning for the region, which came into effect at 3am this morning. It will be in place until 6pm this evening.

The South West is expected to get the worst of the rain this morning, and it will then move to the South East in the afternoon.

Around 15 to 20mm of rainfall is predicted, although that could rise to 30mm in some parts of Somerset.

The rain will be accompanied by gusts of up to 45mph, with the Met Office warning of particularly hazardous conditions at coastal areas.

One Environment Agency flood warning was issued to seafront properties in Weston-super-Mare.

Businesses and residents located on the seaward side of the new coastal defences have been warned that there may be a risk of wave overtopping and flooding during this tidal event.

"Please be aware that gates in the defences will be closed which will affect access and egress," said the Environment Agency in its warning.

"Overtopping and onshore flooding may occur where waves crash against the face of a seawall, causing water to splash up and over the seawall."

The forecast for high water at Weston-super-Mare was at 7am this morning.

Other flood warnings were in place on the Somerset Levels today for Salt Moor and North Moor including Moorland, the A361 road from East Lyng to Burrowbridge, and Curry Moor and Hay Moor.

The Environment Agency said low lying properties, roads and the moors were at particular risk from flood water.

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