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Европейский сейсмологический центр EMSC сообщил, что в центральной части Италии произошло землетрясение магнитудой 6,1. По данным Геологической службы США (USGS), сила толчков составила 6,2.


Elchin Khalilov has informed about the beginning of new project GNFE under the name "Geodynamic monitoring and hazard early warning system in landslide areas:"GeoDyn".

The new project is based on use of long-term experience effective application of international systems and geodynamical monitoring for forecasting of earthquakes. The project's mission is to create an effective technology for monitoring and early warning of people about the danger of a landslide, reducing thereby the risk to potential victims and other negative consequences of landslides affecting cities and high-risk industrial facilities (main highways and railways, dams, fuel storages and warehouses for toxic substances, petrochemical plants, etc.).


Prof. Elchin Khalilov is President of the Global Network for the Forecasting of Earthquakes GNFE (UK) and Chairman of GEOCHANGE International Committee (Germany), gave the forecast of seismic activity of the world till 2026 on behalf of the above-mentioned organizations.


Проф. Эльчин Халилов - Президент Глобальной Сети Прогнозирования Землетрясений GNFE (UK) и  Председатель Международного  Комитета  GEOCHANGE (Germany), представил  прогноз  сейсмической активности  мира до 2026 года от имени вышеуказанных организаций. 


Global Network for the Forecasting of Earthquakes expands its activity

An international seminar entitled "Efficiency, Problems and Development Prospects of the International System of Earthquake Forecasting," was held from December 1 to December 8, 2009, in Baku, Azerbaijan. At the same time as the seminar, a board meeting of the Global Network of Forecasting the Earthquakes (GNFE) took place on December 3 and 4, 2009.

Among the seminar and GNFE Board session participants were scientists from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Turkey, and Austria; official delegations from the governments of Pakistan and Indonesia; a representative of the Department for Study of Earthquakes and Emergency Situations at the Prime Minister of Turkey; and a high-ranking representative of the Kazakhstan Ministry of Emergency Situations.

On the 5th of December, a joint session of the Presidium of Azerbaijan Section of International Academy of Science and GNFE Board took place. Professor Walter Kofler (Austria), President of the International Academy of Science, presided over the meeting.

Based on an application written by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the GNFE Board decided to include the Republic of Kazakhstan in GNFE as a temporary associate member. Head of Almaty Department of Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan MES, Major General, Candidate of technical sciences Damir Kasymbekovich Khalikov, participated in the scientific seminar and GNFE Board session. Mr. D. K. Khalikov presented at the seminar a scholarly report entitled "Seismic safety of Almaty" which evoked a great interest among the seminar participants.

Left-to-right: President of GNFE, Prof.Dr. Elchin Khalilov and
President of International Academy of Science H&E, Prof.Dr. Walter Kofler.


Left-to-right: President of GNFE, Prof.Dr. Elchin Khalilov,
Head of the Department of Ministry of Emergency
Situations of Kazakhstan, major general, Phd. Damir Khalikov.


Left-to-right: President of GNFE, Prof.Dr. Elchin Khalilov,
Regional Director of GNFE in Indonesia and Scientific
Director of international station Atropatena-ID, Prof. Dr. Wahyudi.


Dr. Muhammad Qaisar - Regional Vice-Director of GNFE
in Pakistan and Vice-Director of international station Atropatena-PK,
Vice-Director of Center for Studying of Earthquakes (Pakistan).

In his speech, Head of Central Department on Prevention of Emergency Situations of Azerbaijan, MES Elshad Huseynov conveyed to the seminar participants a greeting from Azerbaijan’s Minister of Emergency Situations, Colonel General K. Geydarov.

A resolution was adopted by the GNFE Board that a Residency for Near and Middle East and Southern Europe in Ankara, Turkey, would be opened in the first half of 2010. The Residency is headed by GNFE Vice-President on international affairs, Dr. Bertan Goger, who was elected by the GNFE Board. Also appointed were regional representatives in Istanbul and the USA, GNFE Executive Director in London, and regional directors in Pakistan and Indonesia. Some procedural matters as to Turkey’s joining GNFE were initiated. The central headquarters – secretariat of GNFE - is located in London.

It was further decided to create an experimental production center for making and testing ATROPATENA earthquake forecast stations in Istanbul in 2010.

Vice-President of the International Academy of Science (Austria), General Director of Scientific Research Institute for Prognosis and Study of Earthquakes, Professor Elchin Khalilov (Azerbaijan) was elected GNFE President.

In addition, new compositions of GNFE Board, Scientific Technical Council, Editorial Council of the yearly multivolume edition "GNFE Transactions" as well as of the organizing committee of an international conference on earthquake forecasting planned to be held in 2011 in Ankara, Turkey, were approved.